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You can down load and play our albums from here 
please click the purchase and follow the instructions you will be sent an email with a link to the album. 
Along with the MP3s you will have a PDF of the lyrics and writings about the band. Please enjoy our work, sometimes its been hard, fun, long time coming, 
but these are our children made from our love of music 

enjoy and keep an open mind .. love dreamWeaver xxxx

Awake In The Dark

The Barn session 
2017 Album 

The Journey Goes On.... 

This Album was started in 2012. During the making of this, our dear friend and co creator Robby was sadly taken from us. This event effected us all . It reinforced for us the love of what we do and in honour to his memory. This is the last works by us to have Robby Smith along side us. 

Hysterical Silence

Recorded at Sheetmusic in 2003

Vocals and Guitar: Glynn Williams 

Guitar: Robbie Smith 

Bass: Peter Silvester 

Drums: Brian Gee

Percussion: Shaun Woodford


The Tracks with 'Extra' we have included for you. They are pre-release but we felt you deserved a chance to hear them 


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